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NanoVi Technology

The Ultimate Innovation To Support Health, Performance And Healthy Aging

NanoVi technology relies on bio-identical signaling devices that promote vitality at the cellular level. It protects and reinstates essential protein functions. Oxidative stress is the main cause of proper protein function often resulting in aging and chronic illnesses. Water plays an integral role in encouraging proteins to fold in the right structures needed for proper function. NanoVi technology relies on the special properties of water to enable protein folding thereby improving cellular function.

The NanoVi device contains excitation units where water droplets found in a humidified airstream will be exposed to the specific bio-identical signals. Using a touch-free delivery system, the exclusion zone (EZ) enhanced humidity will be inhaled through the nose. Relying on the unique water properties in the body, the effects of this device will be transferred from EZ droplets to the proteins in your cells through the mucus membrane. NanoVi tech relies on a natural biological process to improve the cellular activities in your body.

What To Expect During Your NanoVi Treatment

The treatment is safe and effective. A typical NanoVi session will last between 15 and 30 minutes. It can also be done with other treatments without any impact. The NanoVi device will be placed on a tabletop thereby transmitting the signal through moist air, thanks to the touch-free Flex Arm.

LA Holistic Dentist - Dr. Linda Makuta

Upgrade Your Cellular Health

I utilize the NanoVi on almost all my patients while they’re getting their regular maintenance, teeth cleaning and check-ups. It works well because all they have to do is breathe. The feedback I have been getting ranges from feeling relaxed/calm to awake and energized. My patients that are dentalphobic say that they feel less anxiety after using the Nano Vi. They do not feel depleted, but feel relaxed instead.

– Dr. Linda Makuta, DDS

Who Is Using NanoVi And Why?

Sports And Performance


NanoVi Sports Performance

Athletes are using NanoVi technology to optimize their performance. They can enjoy benefits such as faster regeneration, stronger immunity, faster reflexes, sharper concentration and better utilization of nutrients in the body. Some of the tests used to show the benefits of NanoVi technology include measuring the following.

  • DNA damage
  • Lactate in blood
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Immune response

Health And Prevention

It’s prudent to improve cellular activity whether maximizing the quality and vitality of life or addressing an underlying illness. With improved cellular activity, there is always the benefit of counteracting the damage brought about by oxidative stress known to cause most chronic illnesses and the aging process. There are too many chronic illnesses being treated right now that’s why reducing the damage caused by oxidative stress is paramount for good health, improved quality of life and overall performance.

Wellness And Healthy Aging

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Medical research has discovered that when people reach their 30s, their cells start declining when it comes to metabolizing oxygen. As such, people in their 40s will have lower energy levels and when they get to 50 years of age, they might start looking for ways to feel and look younger.

With NanoVi technology, there is a chance of encouraging cellular activities to improve health and slow down the aging process. Whether you are hoping to look great or improve vitality in your old age, you can always rely on healthy cellular activity for the best results.

Effects And Benefits Of Using Nanovi Technology

  • Addressing chronic disorders
  • Counteracting stress and anxiety
  • Increasing mental clarity and alertness
  • Improving cell metabolism
  • Better utilization of nutrients and oxygen in the body
  • Faster regeneration of cellular damage
  • Stronger production of cell energy
  • Stronger immunity
  • Better protection against free radical damage
  • More energy
  • Vibrant skin

Learn How NanoVi Works

Try NanoVi technology today and enjoy these and many more benefits!

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NanoVi Technology

Patients Love Using NanoVi To:

– Recover from mental/physical exertion, or chronic illness.

– Promote wellness and healthy aging.

– Enhance physical and mental performance.

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