Conscious Life Expo 2023

Dr. Linda Makuta Will Be Presenting At The 2023 Conscious Life Expo

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We are proud to announce that holistic dentist, Dr. Linda Makuta, DDS, will be presenting at the 2023 Conscious Life Expo this February 10-13th at the LAX Hilton in Los Angeles.

Dr. Makuta will be speaking on the Teeth/Body Connection on Sunday, February 12th at 4 PM in room Century C. Her presentation will cover the following:

  1. Teeth and energetic meridians through the body
  2. Gum disease and systemic illness
  3. Fluoride Controversy
  4. The Root Cause: Root canal therapy, Good or Bad?
  5. Mercury Fillings: How to remove them safely?
  6. Detox protocols for heavy metals, post-illness, and injections
  7. Biohacking recommendations: Grounding, sunshine, vitamins, BFR Bands/exercise, NanoVi — 4th phase water, WavWatch – sound therapy.

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