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The Stand EncinoEnjoy Lip-Smacking Dishes at The Stand American Restaurant in Encino, California.

Ever wondered if you could spend a full day in a restaurant? Your eyebrows would rise immediately at the proposition because that’s something everyone likes to think about. However, you will not want to leave once you are at The Stand restaurant in Encino. As a cosmetic dentist in Encino, I have first hand knowledge on the subject. This is probably the restaurant where you not only get lip-smacking food but also a view that you will cherish for your lifetime.

History of The Stand Encino

This family-owned restaurant started as an initiative from a few South Bay families. These families loved their wine and food, and most importantly, their group of friends. This slowly led to the beginning of The Stand that is now one of the most famous restaurants in California. In fact, soon after it opened its doors to the public, the restaurant created a culinary revolution at their Encino location, where the restaurant has a 180-degree sweeping view of the surrounding scenery.

Great Food and View

There is hardly any restaurant in California that provides a combination of the most delicious dishes of the world and a spectacular view of Encino from the windows. That’s why the first question was if you could spend an entire day in a restaurant.

Apart from the panoramic view of Encino, thousands of tourists and locals visit The Stand every year to taste the award-winning American Classics Cuisine. Presented by Executive Chef Austin Cobb and Chef Greg Hozinsky, this place doesn’t seem to lack visitors the entire year.

Incredible Menu

If you can’t get over the view from this restaurant, you will be absolutely bowled over by their menu. It highlights the surplus produce from Southern California. When it comes to using fresh veggies and meat, this restaurant doesn’t hold back. They prefer to deliver the most delicious recipe every single time. Their dedication to feeding customers a sumptuous meal is what makes them so popular in California. That is why the chefs source their ingredients from the local farmers who don’t use chemical fertilizers and pesticides on their crops.

In addition to the extraordinary food, you will savor their cocktails for a long time. Many people try multiple cocktails when they arrive on a short vacation so that they can try the others next time. The chefs craft their cocktails very carefully so that they maintain the taste and the visual spectacle of the drink. The Stand also conducts wine programs from time to time.

Unmatched Service in Encino

A restaurant doesn’t reach the top simply by putting together a mouth-watering menu. It also has to focus on its service. The Strand doesn’t compromise on its service either. They have a team of well-trained waiters who will take care of your order. Their prompt service and friendly behavior will make your visit to The Strand worth every penny. This restaurant treats every guest as their family member. They understand the values of good customer service.

This three-in-one combination of excellent food, picturesque location near some of the best schools in Encino, and unmatched customer service is what makes The Stand the best restaurant in Encino, California. They offer a variety of meals. Starting from brunch, lunch, and dinner, you can expect to fulfill your heartfelt desire to have some of the best dishes in the city.

A quick tip: If you are a foodie, don’t miss out on their Prime Burger, Artichoke Pizza, Chef Austin’s saltimbocca, barbacoa tacos, margherita pizza, and citrus Ahi tuna. These are always in high demand because of their mouth-watering taste. Their ability to deliver fusion food with a special secret recipe is simply mind-blowing. So, go through the entire menu and don’t forget to ask their specialties of the day.

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