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Encino Man

Encino Man The Movie
The 1992 comedy film called Encino Man is also referred to as California Man in Europe. The film was directed by Les Mayfield and starred a popular and attractive actor (Brendan Fraser), as well as the hilarious Pauly Shore and Sean Astin.

The story is about two extremely geeky young men, Shore and Astin who are from the city of Encino which is in Los Angeles, California and also where my Encino dentistry practice is located. One day they discover in Astin’s backyard a caveman who is frozen solid in a block of ice. The caveman who has to learn how to survive in the 20th century is of course played by Fraser. Oddly enough the caveman teaches them all about life. In 1996 a spin off followed the movie; it was titled Encino Woman.

Basically during the first ever ice age a caveman (Fraser) and his girlfriend (Sandra Hess) attempt to make fire, an earthquake hits which causes a cave in and they are both buried in the rubble.

The next scene is present day Encino (a suburb ofLos Angeles) and an earthquake awakes your average teenager named Dave Morgan (played by Sean Astin) from his sleep. He and his best friend, fondly referred to as Stoney (played by Pauly Shore), do their very best to gain some form of high school popularity, however this only makes them come across even more like geeks and they get rejected at an even higher level.

Dave has a major crush on Robin Sweeney (played by Megan Ward), who is an attractive young lady who is very kind and since grade school, and on more than one occasion, has been rejected by Dave. That is until she reached “babehood”. Robyn´s boyfriend is called Matt Wilson (played by Michael DeLuise) and is a jock, school bully and major dimwit who is consistently the one who makes Dave as well as Stoney the object of his mockery. He does this by finding every way he can to embarrass them, which is usually directly related to the way Dave is increasingly becoming more and more enamored with Robyn.

One day, Dave is in his backyard in Encino after the earthquake, digging a pool and suddenly he uncovers a block of ice, in it there is a man’s body. The block of ice is left in the garage, unattended. Due to space heaters, the ice melts and the caveman from the beginning of the film is released. Falling head first into the 20th century, the caveman discovers a garbage truck which he believes to me a mammoth from his era, when he enters Daves house he also discovers a television.

When Dave and Stoney return to Dave’s home (which is very close to the old Encino Oak Tree) they discover that all over the walls there is hand paint and the house is a complete disaster. Following the sound of a smoke alarm beeping, they find that in Dave’s room there is a caveman who is sitting Indian Style to trying to start a fire, which is being done by rotating a stick which is in the middle of a stack of kindling.

As could be expected, panic is what the caveman initially feels when he sees the boys, however, after the caveman is startled by the phone ringing, by using the flame from a lighter, Stoney is able to mesmerize him and he quickly calms down. They bathe him and dress him making him look like an ordinary Los Angeles, Tarzana or Encino teenager. Dave very appropriately names the caveman Link after the “missing link”.

Some how or another they are able to convince Dave’s family that Link is an exchange student who has been sent to stay with them from Estonia. Link is then enrolled in their school. His supreme athletic skills and bizarre behavior help Dave and Stoney to quickly, by association, gain the popularity the want so badly. This in turn allows Dave to get closer to Matt’s gal, Robyn.

It soon becomes obvious that the bizarre attitude Stoney is popular for is affecting Links speech and actions. This causes a fight with Matt in a skating rink as well as the attraction that is flourishing between Robyn and Link that a rift develops between Stoney and Dave. Dave attempts to send Link on his way, however after he fights with Stoney, Link quickly returns.

While on a school field trip at the museum of natural history in Encino, California, Link realizes that the other cave people he knew had all died. The gravity of his situation sets in and he becomes very upset. Dave and Stoney are able to console Link by letting him know they are his friends and he is not alone. A pact is made and Dave and Stoney make up.

On prom night Dave stays home while Link goes to the school prom with Robyn where they are quite the hit. After breaking into Dave’s bedroom, Matt takes off with photographic evidence proving that Link is indeed a caveman. While Stoney and Dave pursue Matt and his goonies, a second hurricane hits. Matt had planned to uncover Link as a “freak”, but things do not go as planned as this information only increases Link’s popularity. After Robyn and Dave make up, the three guys lead everyone at the prom in an unexpected, yet groovy, caveman style of dance.

Once the prom is over, the students head to Dave’s house and have a pool party. This is when Robyn and Dave have their first kiss. While this is happening, Stoney and Link are busy following clues much like the ones they found when he appeared: there was paint on the walls and prints on the slider.

What they uncover in the bathroom after following the muddy footprints is a gorgeous cavewoman. She is in the bathtub and turns out to be Links girlfriend who we had seen at the beginning of the film. Link jumps into the bathtub with her and Stoney embraces her and cheers them on as they give her a makeover so she too can look like a 20th century human. Definitely a classic you do not want to miss.

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Encino Man Quotes

“If you’re edged ’cause I’m weazin all your grindage, just chill. ‘Cause if I had the whole brady bunch thing happenin’ at my pad, I’d go grind over there, so don’t tax my gig so hard-core cruster.”

“Link hows ur melon bud-dy.”

“All you ever cared about is nugs, chillin and grindge.”

“- Matt: David, going somewhere?
– David: Yea I got a date with your mom!”

“No weezing the juice.”

“Gazongas? I think he was saying he likes your cones.”

“I’m not a geek, I’m a unique weasel.”

“Those are desperate words of a loser, maybe Matt Wilson was right about you all along.”

“- Dave: What’s my mom screaming about?
– Link: She’s bumed cause I snaked her last bagel.”

“- Stoney: Link your probably used to eatin twigs,but here in the USA we have what you call the 4 basic food groups [Link picks up a banana]… And Link, this is not one of them. Fist group: the dairie group, milk duds, you hide these under your pillow so your mom doesnt find them. If she does you’re tweaked bro. Second group, fruit gruop, sweet tarts: these are outratisally citrusy. Keep rollin. Third group, vegatible group: corn nuts. Man you buy these by the pound. [the microwave dings] Meat group! These are my favorite [Link bites into the warmed up burrito]. Hey! Equality, equality: 50 50, ok? Now for drinks: slurpees. This is what put this place on the map bro [chugging slurpee from machine].
– Raji: Mr. Stoney! Don’t do that here!
– Stoney: Kashmer, Rasmere, why don’t you just chill ok? Cause we’re going to the mountain and we decided before we go we’d wheez the juice.
– Kashmir: No butts chill! Get out of my store!
– Link: [Stoney and Link leave, but Link goes back in store with sunglasses on] I’ll be back.
– Kashmir: No butts chill!”

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Encino Man Soundtrack

  1. You’re Invited But You’re Friend Can’t Come – Vince Neil
  2. Wild Thing – Cheap Trick
  3. Stone Cold Crazy – Queen
  4. Mama Said Knock You Out – Scatterbrain
  5. You Turn Me On – Crystal Waters
  6. Treaty – Yothu Yindi
  7. Feed The Monkey – Infectious Grooves
  8. Wolly Bully – The Smithereens
  9. Frankenstein – Edgar Winter Group
  10. Young And Dumb – The Scream
  11. Why’d You Want Me? – Jesus & Mary Chain
  12. Get The Hell Out Of Here – Steve Vai
  13. Leave My Curl Alone – Hi-C
  14. Luxury Cruiser – T-Ride
  15. Cool Hand Loc – Tone Loc

Encino Man Soundrtack

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